A patent-pending, sustainable and Highly Efficient Self-cleaning air purification system for buildings and construction walls.

The project has been tested in small scale and proved to be 3 to 4 times more efficient than any competitors in the market.

GapS is a 100% recyclable industrial panel, is equiped with smart maintenance system, it is durable, harvest the rain and can remove amount of NOx, SOx, CO2, VOC, PM2.5 etc.

GapS’s Smart maintenance system will monitor and control the pollution in the ground level (entrance) and on the roof (exit/pure air) and will automatically washes the panels through the stored rain water, when it is required. 

The polluted water will be collected in the ground level and recycle through the main water storage to reuse.



3 to 4 times

more efficient


Following A1 Building code certification


Air Purification

Rain Harvesting



IoT Enabled

Smart City Solution

Noise Cancellation 


Offer them what they need

Earning more by providing cleaner air and increasing the health quality of guests and employees 


Be part of the City Transformation

Benefiting from subsidies for environmental friendly and green buildings. Help transform the city.


Be the cleanest air provider of all

Providing healthier and pure air to patients and employees


Remove pollution where it’s made

Removing the toxic pollution produced by air plain’s engine effects people while emitting less pollution to the city