ACE-11 Turbo (White)

DKK17,499.00 DKK14,999.00



The water ionizer machine, YT ACE 11 is the latest innovation of the Korean market leader for water ionizers. This model is the hottest and most efficient product among others in the market.
    • 2 Liters/minute water flow
    • Two high quality pre-filters
    • High-performance technical equipment
    • 11 platinum-coated titanium electrodes
    • User-friendly Touch screen
    • TFT LCD display
    • Smooth curved display to ease of read ability
The YT ACE model comes in two beautifully designed colors, white and Silver dark (SUS), Click here to learn more about the product 

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 30 × 13.5 × 35 cm


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