BAD Indoor Air Quality and its Consequences

AWARENESS is more important than the PROBLEM

Understanding the danger of exposing to indoor air pollution, is the first step towards staying healthier.

It is an undeniable fact that air pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues that seriously affects human’s health.

Certainly, bio-products of burning fossil fuels, vehicle exhaust, power plants and industrial developments are some of the main reasons for poor air quality nowadays. 

But what about indoor pollution?

Is it really safer to stay inside our home?

Feeling protected from the toxicity of the urban lifestyle as people tend to believe…

Or is it, in fact, more hazardous than what we think?

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality refers to the quality and pureness of air within and around buildings and structures. It relates to the health and safety of the people living in the buildings and is an especially important factor which determines the safety in our homes. 

Concentration of air is one of the main causes of low air quality.

People tend to believe that the air quality indoor is better than the outdoor.
However, statistics show that indoor air quality is way worse than the outdoor. 


Poor ventilation, use of chemical materials with toxic emissions e.g. SPRAY GLASS Cleaners etc., dust, ovens, gas stoves and countless other reasons.
Indoor air quality is determined by various factors like the level of ventilation, temperature, and humidity or the use of cleaning materials containing toxic elements. 
Cooking with wood, charcoal, coal, and gas leads to the emission of several dangerous gases including SO2, NO2, and PM 2.5, using cleaning chemicals and products, paint, low ventilation and even dust and pets can lead to extremely high levels of toxic air.
This leads to a number of symptoms damaging human health and even developing serious illnesses starting from fatigue and loss of coordination going all the way to asthma and cancer.  
People tend to spend 90% of their time indoors and often do not consider factors which damage their health in a huge way. Based on WHO’s (World Health Organization) recent statistics, which confirmed that 4.3 million people a year dying from the exposure to household air pollution.

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