PurCity is a Danish based company founded on March 2016, aiming to improve the human’s quality of life by purifying Air and Water in cities. 

Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar, Founder and CEO of PurCity is the person behind the Company’s invention. He has born and raised in a city (Tehran-Iran) that has one of the highest world records for air pollution. 

During his childhood, one of his best friends got long cancer due to the high level of air pollution and passed away, which that significantly affected him. 

After that unfortunate tragedy, he has always had the ambition to find solutions for this problem and had several different ideas that led him to startup PurCity. 

PurCity’s proprietary technology, which led to startup the company is a smartly designed multi-functional construction panel (GapS) that will be installed as an exterior building facade (substitute to aluminum composite panels) enabling air purification through natural ventilation, adding extra thermal and acoustic insulation, and which can be cleaned automatically using rain water and a smart maintenance system.

After years of hardworking with an experienced and dedicated team, PurCity, has become one of the most successful startups in Denmark, which is expanding globally. 

The current focus of the Company is to expand into related global markets by highly efficient air purification units in different scales.

Business to Business (B2B/B2G)

PurCity is considering establishing a licensing and consulting business model where the design is licensed to strategic partners in return for royalties, while the main control unit will be manufactured by PurCity in Denmark. 

PurCity will also sell consulting services when setting up manufacturing with partners. 

This is expected to make the business model extremely scalable.